Welcome to my blog, where I can express my thoughts. Mostly about board games as the board game hobby has really become my favourite activity. To the point where when I’m not playing a board game I’m likely consuming media related to this hobby, or having my idle thoughts consumed by cardboard.

My profile as a board gamer slants heavily towards Discovery and cooperation. It’s the reason why I tend to prefer to play 30 games once rather than three games 10 times each (I tried doing a 10×10 challenge once, it failed horribly). While I don’t often find myself choosing games with a lot of combat or direct attacking I am competitive. I don’t need to win, but I do enjoy it.

Part of my enjoyment of playing a wide variety of games comes from seeing different systems and rule sets and how different designs iterate on each other. I do love seeing a game take a tried mechanic and folding it into a new experience. I do recognize that many games require more than one play to explore and aim to be upfront about my experiences with a game. Of course, everything on this blog is my opinion, and if you disagree I invite you to start your own damn blog.

All of the content on this site are my opinion. Posts are edited by my Meticulous Moose (my wife).

Beyond cardboard, I also play video games, read voraciously, and enjoy cooking.

Currently I live in Canada with my wife and daughter.