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Weekly Report – January 18th, 2023

The past week was a good week for gaming. I got to play Verdant, Race for the Galaxy, Crokinole, Burgle Bros 2, and Bullet❤️ in addition to the games I’m going to talk about today. I hope to play more of each of those games soon, so you can look forward to my thoughts on…

Revisiting the 10 Best New-To-Me Games in 2021

As time goes on, our gaming tastes change and I feel value in looking back at what I was keen on, and how much staying power a game actually has. It’s one thing to say ‘this game is eminently repayable’, but how does it actually fare when the rubber hits the road? When put to…

Weekly Report – January 4th, 2023

I keep telling myself that I’m not a solo gamer, yet both Paperback Adventures and One Deck Galaxy were delivered this week. While I haven’t played yet, I wasted no time in sleeving everything in Paperback Adventures.


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