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Weekly report – Sept 14th, 2022

The one-year anniversary of starting our Clank!: Legacy campaign is quickly approaching. While we have no formal agreement that we should prioritize playing Clank! over any other game, there is a spectre looking in the back of my mind. I don’t like unfinished business, but Legacy games seem to present a uniquely difficult challenge. I only have 1 game night per week. Do we commit a month or two of games to a legacy experience, or do we let the box gather dust as we wait for the day when we’re all gathered and are inclined to progress our story?

Bigfoot’s Trash Taste – His Top Games That I Hate

Every year I encourage the members of my regular game group to create a top 100 games of all time. Today I’m continuing the series in which I trash on my friends favourite games, because apparently, I hate fun.


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