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Journal: I am not a solo gamer

Journal #5 – Calico – Scenarios Make my World go Around

Calico by Kevin Russ is the first physical board game I purchased since the COVID-19 pandemic ended my in person gaming group in March 2020. It’s also the first game I’ve purchased since I launched and started playing my physical games solo. I purchased Calico not only because I was drawn in by the cozy cat asthetic and endearing art by Beth Sobel, but because I knew the brain bending puzzle of fitting together the best quilt is a challenge that inspires excitement in my little gamer heart.

Journal #4 – Paperback Adventures – Slay the Novel

I really like Paperback Adventures. Were I younger, I’d say I “like like” Paperback Adventures. It’s the kind of game that lived rent free in my mind for days following my first couple plays, which is always a good sign. It’s challenging, entertaining, and it utilizes a theme that I truly enjoy. Having said all of that, I admit that I am biased. I love deck builders, I love word games, and I really enjoy Tim Fowers’ designs. For people who share my tastes, this is an excellent game.

Journal #3 – Bullet♥︎ – Boss Rush

Bullet♥︎ exploded into into my life from seemingly nowhere and consumed my soul for nearly 3 weeks. I was drawn in by the promise of fast paced shoot-em-up (SHMUP) action and a gorgeous anime aesthetic. What I got instead was a compelling puzzle game where the player manipulates sliding discs to match patterns while learning how to best use each heroine’s abilities to defeat the multitude of bosses.


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