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Top 100 – 2021

  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #1 to #10
    We’ve arrived at my favourite 10 games of all time (as of March 2020). I did not anticipate how long this series would go when I started it over a year ago. It’s been nice reflecting on my favorite games, verbalizing why I like each one so much. A few of the games descriptions were enough to peak my wife’s interest, which always makes me happy. I’ve played a lot if games over the last two years, and while this list will have changed quite a bit, I know that these top 10 are firm in their spots. It would take something pretty special to come a dislodge any one of these from the pantheon of my top 10 games of all time.
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #20 to #11
    It’s an interesting experience writing about these games as my favourite games of all time. I created this list in March 2021, and now almost a year later, I can see certain games that have fallen and where new games would be added into the list. As I approach the top of my list, the selection of games is fairly rock solid; I don’t foresee any of these games dropping out of my top games as any new games will have quite a challenge bumping these games from their top slots!
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #30 to #21
    We’ve made it to my top 30 games! We’ve slogged through the games that are ‘pretty good’ or ones that stand out from the crowd due to a particularly genius mechanic; from here on out the games listed are ones that I would play at any time or any place.
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #40 to #31
    I feel compelled to complete this series before 2021 ends. I never realized how much effort it takes to write about 100 games before! This is the point where I move from games that I just ‘like to games that I ‘like like’. These are games I would ask on a date to see if they want to go steady with me.
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #50 to #41
    We’re past the halfway point on my top 100 games! I would quantify this as the turning point where I move from games that I enjoy to games that I’m enthuastic about. I worry that over the next couple posts I’ll get progressively more verbose 50 – The Isle of Cats The […]
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #60 to #51
    It’s been a while since I posted a set of my favourite games. At the speed I’m going it’ll be 2023 by the time this list is finished!
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #70 to #61
    As we creep closer to the halfway point of my top 100 games, the variety of games begins increase, and dexterity games start to appear! Spoiler alert, I love dexterity games. Look forward to seeing more and more as the list counts down! In a wild departure from last time, this section of the list has no economic farming games!
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #80 to #71
    This week in my top 100 games series we’ll see plenty of sheep, birds and even a panda. We’ll be at odds with the weather as it controls us in Takenoko, and we’ll try to control the floods in Lowlands. Let’s stop beating around the bush and get to it!
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #90 to #81
    Welcome to part two in my Top 100 games series, going through the next 10 games in my list! I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes time to pick a game, the games listed here aren’t necessarily at the forefront of my mind (almost as if there were at least 80 other games ahead of them), but I can tell you that if any of these games get suggested, I am down to play and know that I’ll have a great time doing so.a
  • Top 100 Games as of 2020 – #100 to #91
    Welcome to my personal and professional top 100 games as of March 2020. Each member of my game group compiles their own list each year around March, and we use each of our lists to determine what our favourite games are, and what our collective favourites are. It’s also really interesting to […]

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