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Pandemic: Fall of Rome

I guess this is my new tradition. Get sick, review a Pandemic game. I didn’t catch Covid like last time, but I was sick enough that I cancelled my weekend plans. I chose to spend my time thinking about Pandemic: Fall of Rome instead of spreading the wealth of sore throats and achey joints to my family and friends.

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Doctor Who Fluxx

Fluxx is a weird beast. By all rights, I shouldn’t even enjoy it, if I stick to my assertions that I don’t like games that are heavy in luck. Fluxx is easy (usually) quick enough that I’m willing to relinquish control and just have a good time.

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Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Should games be reviewed in a vacuum? When I consider a game, should I be looking at it as a product as if no other games exist, or should I be comparing it to similar games? Does this change if the designer of the game already has a similar game on the market? The question of “Do I need both?” comes up often enough, so I assume there are values in the comparisons.

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