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A Tale of Two Expansions

Board game expansions come in two flavours. One type adds small twists to the existing gameplay, enhancing the existing mechanisms and perhaps addressing some of the complaints of the base game. The other type…

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Dutch Blitz – A Vonderful Goot Game

Pst. Hey, kid, come over here. I know you’re interested in that hot new game that everyone’s talking about, but check out what I’ve got for ya. Dutch Blitz is a classic, a real gem I tell ya. You gotta get in on this action while you can. After all, a game that continues to get sold and played after 80 years has to be good, right?

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Isle of Skye

My predisposition to Scottish culture draws me to games like Isle of Skye. I find myself already liking this game before I’ve even took the box lid off for the first time. The playerboards emblazoned with Scottish clan names, long horned cattle just waiting to be herded, and the brochs nestled high in the mountains appealed to me in a way that other games with objectively inferior themes (like Mediterranean trading) just can’t reach.

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MicroMacro: Crime City

MicroMacro: Crime City tasks you with finding characters and stories on the large black and white map. Much like Where’s Waldo?, your first task is to find the scene of the crime for the case you’re trying to solve. You remove all the cards from the envelope, and the first card will show you an image of your target and tell you the general area where you’ll be able to find them. Unlike Where’s Waldo?, where the entire challenge and fun is in finding one correct detail in a large mess of irrelevant information, you are constantly discovering new and fun details in the lives and deaths of the denizens of Crime City.

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