I’m trying to start a more casual entry in my blog where I reflect on the previous week and just talk about the games I played and what caught my eye. Hopefully I find the time to write this blog, and long form reviews.

Games Played

Clank!: Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated
It was our 6th game of Clank! Legacy. We played the first four games back to back to back to back in November, then one in December, and now one in February. Christmas and a spike in Covid cases did keep our group from gathering like we normally do.

Clank! Legacy is still a fun experience, but the high has worn off slightly. When we played in November it was during a full weekend of gaming, and with absolutely no other plans or responsibilities on the horizon, it was easy to just relax and let the story take us on a ride. Playing it during our weekly game night is proving to be a bit of a challenge. The downtime during the game that I was enjoying so much before is coming an abrasion, I find myself skipping over story moments because I feel the pressure of time slipping away. The last thing I want is to have a game drag too late and feel miserable the next morning.

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All that said, Clank! Legacy is fun. We failed mission 6, and no player made it back to the tavern, although one player fell short by a single space. Two players went off the clock in the Danger Zone and will start the next game with Necrosis. Each game seems to reliably be 2 hours long, but I suspect things may start to speed up as we’re running out of spaces to put stickers.

My City

Played Chapter 6 (games 16, 17, and 18) of My City by Reiner Knizia. This continues to be a easy to play joy for our group. I’m somewhat sad knowing that only 2 chapters remain for us to discover, as I have some doubts that My City make many appearances once we’ve completed the campaign.

I’ve somewhat given up on the idea of winning traditionally in My City. Somehow I always seem to be at the bottom of the pack, giving up too many pieces, or opting to chase my short term goals (like getting a gold piece) over the long term goal of getting points. Thankfully, each individual game takes less than 20 minutes, meaning it’s a great game to use to wrap up the evening.

New Games In

Abstract Academy came in the mail yesterday. I appreciate how small the box is, considering Abstract Academy is solely a card game. My initial impressions are that the card quality is very very nice. A great linin finish on the cards, very bright and vibrant colours, and from my first reading of the rulebook, looks like it’ll be a dynamic and interactive game to play. It kind of uses the forced grid in Kingdomino (the final tableau must be 4 x 4 cards), but cards are played to a shared tableau. Players are competing for some variable scoring conditions, and only the two rows of cards closest to you will count.

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Oddly enough, Abstract Academy is a two or four player game. If you regularly play with three, apparently this won’t be the game for you!

I hope to play this one soon!